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Indian & Western Musical Instruments

Indian & Western Musical Instruments

Music has a way of healing the soul. Musical beats, sounds and styles of music differ but the effect that all of them have remains the same! Good music has the ability to unite people from all across the world. Just as different genres of music exist, so do different musical instruments.

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Musical Instruments can be dated back to ancient times. Through the ages, these instruments have matured and transformed and today, a plethora of Western and Indian Musical Instruments exist - each having their own distinctive sound, features, looks and the unique ability to produce melody.

The following families of Musical Instruments exist today:

Percussion Instruments Stringed Instruments Woodwind Instruments
Keyboard Instruments Brass Instruments Electric & Electronic Instruments

Many musical instruments in Indian Classical Music have become synonymous with the talented Musicians and maestros who play these instruments - so much so that, the audiences recognize these instrument because of the legends who play it.  


Here is a list of popular and some less common musical instruments played all over the world - Indian and International -


Popular Musical Instruments


Indian Musical instruments


Some of the unforgettable names of Indian Classical Musicians include



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